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What is a civil funeral ceremony? July 30, 2013

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Civil Funerals are a relatively new vision of how funerals can be.   They are different from humanist ceremonies, where no religion is allowed at all.  A ceremony with an independent celebrant can be religious, semi-religious, or non-religious in nature.  What IS important is that your needs come first, your wishes, your beliefs, your values, your […]

HRH Prince George of Cambridge July 29, 2013

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  I had great fun with a competition on the Cherish Facebook page, getting people to guess the name of the Royal Baby.  Most thought it would be a girl.  Interestingly, statistics for wives of RAF fast jet pilots show that more girls than boys are born…    But William is a helicopter pilot, so obviously that doesn’t […]

RIP Alan Whicker – Whicker’s World July 12, 2013

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Alan Whicker, who has died today aged 87, was an intrepid traveller and his understated, knowledgeable style endeared him to millions who watched his journeys on TV throughout the 60s and 70s.  His eulogy will be interesting, and I have no doubt his obituary will throw up some interesting facts too!    His death brought to […]