HRH Prince George of Cambridge

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The future King George VII

HRH Prince George of Cambridge HRH Prince George of Cambridge


I had great fun with a competition on the Cherish Facebook page, getting people to guess the name of the Royal Baby.  Most thought it would be a girl.  Interestingly, statistics for wives of RAF fast jet pilots show that more girls than boys are born…    But William is a helicopter pilot, so obviously that doesn’t apply!

So a boy it was – George Alexander Louis.  No ‘surprise’ or ‘odd’ names, so I guess young George would be allowed to play with Katie Hopkins’ children.  You may recall Katie Hopkins as the opinionated ex-Apprentice woman who decides who is a suitable playmate for her children based on their names.    If William and Kate had chosen Tyler as the name of the newest heir to the throne, he’d have been shunned from Hopkins’ playdates.

When he accedes to the throne  (which may well not be until the next century!) he will be King George VII

The name George means farmer or earth worker and has seen a resurgence in popularity (83rd most popular boy’s name in 1974 – 11th most popular in 2009), and doubtless there will be lots of young Georges around this year.

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