Married for £1!

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In these days where the average cost of a wedding is an eyewatering £20,000, how refreshing to read of a couple, Georgina and Sid, who have married for just £1 – the cost of the bride’s dress on Freecycle!

The only cost the thrifty couple couldn’t escape was the statutory £70 legal fee at the Registry Office.

Guests donated their services, an aunt made the wedding cake, the ceremony was held at home, and the wedding breakfast was a picnic on the grass.  Even the wedding rings were made by the bride from antler horn.    Many guests said it was the best wedding they had ever been to.  Which just goes to show – you don’t need to put on a show to have a fabulous wedding day!

Here is my pledge.  If anyone else is planning on having a wedding for £1 (+£70!), let me know, and I will perform your ceremony for FREE!

Here is how the couple’s budget worked out:


Wedding dress: £1, from

Groom’s suit: M&S, years old

Rings: Hand-crafted by the bride from antlers found in the garden

Service: Vicar performed it for free in return for whip-round in aid of local church

Photographer: Donated services in return for bride working for him as film editor

Cake: Earl Grey-infused sponge cakes made by bride’s aunt

Food: Guests contributed a dish each

Music: Bride’s father played jazz saxophone

Venue: Barn behind their cottage

Reception: A picnic on the grass outside
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