Fancy Dress Funeral!

Posted on September 30, 2013 by Judy | Filed under: Celebrant, Eulogy, Funerals

As a celebrant, I think it is wonderful when people have planned their own funerals.  Far too many people don’t, and I meet many families who are trying their best, through their grief, to second guess what the deceased would have wanted.

42 year old biker Gary Pattison died 5 days after a road accident.  He planned his own funeral, instructing mourners (actually, guests sounds a more fitting word here) to wear fancy dress, and instructing friends giving tributes at the service to include words like ‘discombobulated; and ‘bacon’.  His sense of humour shone through and his funeral was certainly a celebration of his life.

RIP Gary, and well done for leaving people with laughter.  That will help sustain them through their grief and will last long after the sorrow has lifted.

fancy dress funeral

Super friends: Mourners at Gary Pattison’s funeral (Picture: SWNS)