Wedding Ceremony – Same old stuff, or something unique?

Posted on October 17, 2013 by Judy | Filed under: Celebrant, Weddings

Are you just one of the crowd?  Will your big day be like everyone else’s?  Same tired old ceremony, where the registrar has probably never seen you before?  Or are you looking for a personalised, bespoke ceremony for you and your partner, with a celebrant who only does one ceremony a day?   You’re in luck!  Ask me for details on how YOUR wedding ceremony can be unique, just like you….

Be Different!  Have a ceremony that will be meaningful to you and will wow your guests…


A friend of mine is a Registrar, and she admits that on a busy day where she has back to back weddings, she actually can’t remember the first weddings of the day by the time she gets to the afternoon ones on the conveyor system!  Do you really want to be queuing up for your wedding with this bride?

Bride having cig