Writing a Wedding Speech?

Posted on November 6, 2013 by Judy | Filed under: Speech, Vow Renewal, Weddings

There are some traditions that are part of every wedding. The vows, the dress, the cake, the speeches…. Oh the speeches! Public speaking is ranked right up there with torture as a fear inducing thing to be endured. And that fear is often down to lack of confidence in your material. There are some easy rules to follow to ensure a memorable speech:

1. It must be sincere – genuine, from the heart, saying what you really feel,

2. It should be short! – No rambling on, failing to get to the point, leaving your guests fidgeting or starting a book of bets on what time you will sit down! 5-8 minutes is about right to say what needs to be said and keep guests’ attention

3. It shouldn’t be written for the lads! Granny does NOT want to hear about why marriage is like a chicken dinner, nor does the bride need to hear about the Groom’s previous conquests …

4. It should be laid out clearly – not scrawled on the back of an envelope with a stub of pencil, leaving the reader floundering to read his illegible writing! have it typed up, in decent size clear font, on cards or as a script.

5. It should ideally follow tradition – thanking the right people, toasts offered and acknowledged. But don’t be afraid to include rhyme, quotations, or wit, as long as its done well.
6. It should read as though it isn’t written – it should be written in the style in which you speak, so that it flows well.



Got all that? No?  Is your Dad dreading making his Father of the Bride speech?  Is your husband-to-be paralysed with writer’s block?   Do you suspect the Best Man’s speech might be a stream of blue jokes that are not for your Granny’s ears?  Dont Panic!  Help is at hand!  I will write a speech that is appropriate, warm, witty…   Don’t let the men in your life be stuck with the blank page, chewed pen and a load of stress when for less than the cost of a tank of petrol, they can tell me what they want to say, and I can turn it into a ready to read script for them – and all for less than the cost of a tank of petrol!

Contact me for a quote, and tick one more thing off your to-do list !