Mothering Sunday – but not for some

Posted on March 10, 2014 by Judy | Filed under: Death, Funerals, General, Readings, Thanks and Testimonials

sad child


Mothering Sunday is fast approaching – and this is a particularly difficult time for those who have lost their mother – no matter how old we are, nor how long ago the loss.    If you are a supplier, please be sensitive, especially in your marketing, and especially around this time.   A friend today received an email from the Trainline, which said, “Hi <Name>, we’re not implying you forgot about your mum. But just in case…. Surprise Mum with a Visit!”

Yes, that would be a surprise, as her mum has died.

chock box

And staff in Marks and Spencer are pushing boxes of chocolates for Mothering Sunday…  “Would you like a box of chocs adding to your shopping for your Mum?”, a bereaved customer was asked.    “No thank you”, the customer replied.  “Oh go on”, the staff member persisted, “She deserves a treat.”

Others who have been bereaved have commented how they also dread these familiar events in the calendar, once their loved one has passed away.  They talked about running past the card section in WH Smith, of being jealous of the Mums out with their children for Mothering Sunday lunch..  Of crying at how the whole world seemed to have a mother except for them…. and shockingly, of one child who was forced by the teacher to join the class in making a Mothers’ Day card, despite having lost his own mum.

These upsetting stories have reminded me always to be circumspect, and never to make assumptions when I am speaking to people.  Ours is a very sensitive industry and it behoves us to remember that.

In the meantime, for those whose mothers are no longer physically with you, cherish the memory of the times you spent together.  You can mourn that she is no more, or you can rejoice that she was…..

With love to mothers everywhere  – and to sons and daughters who miss them and grieve xx