Shy about talking ‘feelings’? Write them down!

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The Love Letter

This is becoming increasingly popular with Cherish couples.

For some couples (especially, I have to say, mostly it’s the boys), it is very difficult and toe-curlingly scary to declare your feelings of love in front of everyone at your wedding or vow renewal. Or even to your future husband/wife .

So why not write those feelings down? During the time we get to know one another in the lead-up to your wedding, I encourage you to think about doing this.

written vows

You write down your innermost thoughts and feelings: about how you met, when you realised that ‘like’ had turned into ‘love’; why your life is so much better for having your partner to share it; and also a ‘look forward’, to what you hope to achieve in your marriage, and what you want to look back on as you read this letter in the future…

Then, you seal the letter, addressed to your partner, and give it to me for safe-keeping. I add a wax seal and give you them back at the wedding ceremony to exchange … I have a lovely reading that goes with this.



I can include the Love Letter for no charge into your ceremony.   If you wish, for a small charge, you can add a wine box and a bottle of wine – that way, you can agree to open your letters into the future over a glass of decent wine as you read your letters…
The Love Letter
It is very special, guests love it, and it really adds that personal ‘wow’ factor to your ceremony, far more than ‘I do’ on the bottom of your shoes could ever do!

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