Chinese Whispers – An Anglo-Chinese Fusion Wedding

Posted on August 22, 2014 by Judy | Filed under: Symbolism, Tradition, Wedding Venues, Weddings

Andrew and Suki cropI love all the weddings I do, but especially when I get to do something a little different.

Andrew and Suki’s families will be flying in from the US and from Hong Kong for this beautiful day, at which our bride and groom pay respects to the Anglo and the Chinese marriage traditions.

There will be a tea ceremony first, with Andrew and Suki, the bride and groom, wearing traditional red and gold whilst they serve tea as a mark of respect to their older relatives.

Then there will be traditional Chinese ‘high jinks’, as the bridesmaids ‘hide’ the bride away, and the groom must pass tasks they set him in order to win the right to marry his bride.

In the afternoon, it is their wedding ceremony with me, at a beautiful location in Windsor. They are having the symbolism of a Unity Candle, which I commissioned to be professionally made with wonderful Chinese symbols – and I have even learned some Chinese for part of the ceremony!

I am looking forward to it all immensely. Here is a taster…..

White House, Windsor