TEN Reasons to choose a Celebrant Wedding

Posted on September 6, 2014 by Judy | Filed under: Celebrant, Outdoor weddings, Symbolism, Wedding Symbolism, Wedding Venues, Weddings

Reasons why you should think about a Celebrant for your Wedding? Here are Ten – though there are loads more!!


1. You don’t need a licensed venue – you can have your Ceremony anywhere: a beach, a garden, a forest, a stately home, hotel or village hall.

2. You are not restricted by time. A Registrar or Vicar will have several weddings per day. I only do ONE ceremony a day: Yours! And whether you would like that ceremony at dawn or midnight, or any point in between, I can do that for you.

3. You are not restricted by content. You can have any religion(s) or none. A Registrar is not allowed by law to let religion feature at all. Some registrars enforce it very strictly. I have heard of one wedding where the bride wasn’t allowed to have Robbie Williams’ ‘Angels’ to walk down the aisle to. On the other hand, a fully religious church wedding may not be entirely comfortable for you, especially if you are not a regular churchgoer.

4. You don’t end up with the same wedding ceremony that everyone else has. Your relationship isn’t the same as anyone else’s. Your ceremony will be all about you, not just names slotted into 2 blank places on a tired old script.

5. You can have beautiful symbolism – a Unity Candle, a handfasting, a Sand Ceremony, a Ring Blessing, a Loving Cup…. you may even want the fun of ‘Jumping the Broom’!

6. You will know EXACTLY who will be officiant at your Ceremony – we will have met over the months you are planning your day. With a registrar, it depends who is on the Duty Roster….

7. You won’t have to pay for a rehearsal – that is all built in to my fee. Not all Registrars will offer a rehearsal… and if they do, you have to pay for it. Especially if you want it after work.

8. I don’t restrict your photographer. In fact, I work with them, and give them a list of points in the Ceremony where they may wish to capture a special moment.

9. Would you like a blessing in Gaelic? How about a greeting for your German guests? Or a welcome in Cantonese? Or perhaps the whole Ceremony in French? Yep, I have done that, too

10. Would you like your guests to say that it is one of the best wedding ceremonies they have ever been to? That your wedding was so personal, it made them well up? That a whole row of guests had to share a packet of tissues?!

All these couples enjoyed a Cherish Ceremony….┬áNext year’s diary┬áis filling up, so don’t miss out!


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