Funerals are Depressing, Right? Err, Wrong.

Posted on September 29, 2014 by Judy | Filed under: Cancer, Death, Funerals

‘Passionate about business’ may be an overstated term, and people outside the industry sometimes find it a bit of an odd profession, but I really do care so much about the funeral ceremony side of Cherish.

During my initial training, I was convinced I only wanted to do Baby Namings, Weddings, Vow Renewals… all the “happy” side of Celebrancy.     Funerals would be too depressing, right?   Wrong!  Sad, sure – but not depressing.

I wasn’t sure I would be right for Funeral Celebrancy, but  I did the training anyway.    And then I studied more on my own, talked to people in the industry, both in the UK and overseas, and set about providing the very best service I could to those who have been bereaved.

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Since then, I’ve been privileged to carry out many funeral ceremonies, from cremations, to natural burials, to traditional cemetery burials.    From the traditional ‘black funeral’ with 2 hymns and the Lord’s Prayer, to very upbeat ceremonies where all the mourners were dressed in red, or had rock anthems played or read Shakespeare, or released balloons ….


I learned very early on in my fledgling career that a funeral isn’t about me, or my beliefs.  It is about what the family want to do to enable them to say their goodbyes.   If they want ‘Bat Out of Hell’ at full volume, or a 6 year old playing the recorder, or they want a marching band – I will do my best to help them have all that.

I’ve also helped people to arrange their own funerals, whether it be imminent, or at some unspecified date in the future.    Talking about death, I have found, doesn’t make it happen any quicker!

I’ve been blown away by Lynda Bellingham’s gutsy decision to be very open about why she is discontinuing her chemotherapy treatment for colon cancer.    She has balanced quality of life over longevity and chosen the former.   I admire her.  Bravo Lynda, and my sincere best wishes to you and your family as you continue a journey only you can take.

Lynda Bellingham, actress and presenter, opens up about her cancer treatment

Lynda Bellingham, actress, opens up about why she is discontinuing her cancer treatment


I love what I do, and I am humbled that people put their trust in me at such a key, intimate time in their lives.     I aim always to be the very best that I can be.

To that end, I’ve just posted off my full application to join the National Association of Funeral Directors as a supplier member.    To be considered, you have to have experience in your field, and to have letters of reference from 2 established Funeral Directors.    I am very proud of the supporting letters I have received from two very well-respected Funeral Directing firms.   You know who you are, and I thank you, gentlemen for your confidence in me.