Testimonials – They make my heart sing!

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It’s true that charging a fee for ceremonies helps to pay my bills, but the thing that really motivates me about being a celebrant isn’t the money, but the appreciative notes, emails and cards I receive, like the lovely one below from Em and Bonz after their wedding at Fawsley Hall, where I am the recommended Celebrant.

Celebrant Table, Salvin Room Fawsley

Em and Bonz were a delight to work with, having clear ideas about what they wanted for their ceremony, and they also knew what they wanted to say when making their vows.  They live in Australia, so first contact was via Bonz’s sister (also called Emma!), and then much via Skype, and we finally all caught up in person over afternoon tea in the U, just a couple of weeks before their wedding.

Their wedding ceremony in the beautiful Salvin Room at Fawsley Hall was joyful, fun, but so heartfelt and sincere.  There was a whole lot of laughter (and more than a few tears from the guests, too!), and it reflected their personalities perfectly.

With the Happy Couple

                    With the Happy Couple


This is an extract from the Thank You message I got from the happy couple:
“Dear Judy!

WOW – what can we say, I think Bonz and I are still buzzing from what was truly the most incredible day!!! I couldn’t help but copy in the below photo because I think the look on our faces sums up the service you created for us!

Thank you just so much for being helping us shape the ceremony into such a personally meaningful service, that definitely reflected us both perfectly. Thank you for all the support and also keeping us all calm on the day. We’ve had so many people comment to us on how perfect the ceremony was and not to mention you cracked a few hard nuts in the room as well, although I was told that there was someone “cutting onions” up the back….!!   ”

Love Em and Bonz

Em and Bonz

              Em and Bonz