cherish2Where can I have my wedding ceremony?
With a celebrant, you can have your ceremony wherever you choose. You aren’t restricted to being indoors. Whether your venue is at an hotel, in a marquee, on a beach, in your garden, on a boat… the choice is yours.

Does the venue need to be licensed for weddings?
Absolutely not. Because it is a ceremony, it can be held anywhere you choose.

When can the ceremony be held?
Any day of the week, and at any time you choose. A sunrise or sunset wedding? No problem. An evening wedding leading into an evening reception is becoming very popular, for example.

How much will it cost?
You will be surprised at how reasonable our charges are, for a handwritten, unique ceremony. It often works out at a lower cost than a church wedding or having a registrar conduct the whole service. Check out our fees page.

Can I have music at my wedding?
Absolutely. Whether you want a harpist or a brass band or a CD of your favourite songs, the choice is yours. You can include religious music if you wish. Classical, folk, pop, jazz – it’s your day, you choose!

Can I have readings and poems?
Yes of course you can. You can provide your own choices, or we can provide a selection for you to choose from, to be read either by friends, family or your celebrant.

What about our vows?
You can write your own vows to one another, or we can suggest vows suitable to you as a couple.

Is photography/videography allowed?
Indeed it is, although we do ask that your photographer respects the solemnity of the vows you are making – no-one wants a lens in their face as they are making their commitment!

I’ve been married before, and have children – can they be included?
Definitely. Including the children brings an extra dimension to your Ceremony. Depending on their age, they can give a reading (often ones they have written themselves), or take part in the Unity Candle Ceremony (ask your Celebrant for details of this). We can design something specifically for your children to help them feel part of the day.

I’m very shy and dread speaking in front of everyone.
Don’t worry! Nerves are natural on the day. We will design a ceremony together that will make you feel entirely comfortable. We will be there to give gentle guidance through your ceremony.

Can we have a rehearsal?
Yes you can. If the venue is more than 50 miles from my home, I may have to add a small admin charge for fuel, but I will let you know about this in advance.

How long does the ceremony take?
It can be as long or as short as you wish, though we suggest that 40 minutes is about the right length to include all the necessary elements: The welcome, the readings, the vows, the exchange of rings and the signing of the certificate.

Important Legal Note:
Under current English law, only a Registrar or Priest can issue a Marriage Certificate. We suggest you attend your Registry Office to collect this a few days beforehand (You still need to give the statutory notice of your marriage).  Ask your registrar for a ‘Registration Only’ service, and save all ceremonial elements (your vows, wedding ring exchange etc) until your Cherish Ceremony.

Will my guests know it is a Celebration ceremony and not the actual marriage?
Your family and friends will not notice any difference. The ceremony we design and deliver for you has all the elements they will expect: Entrance of the bride, readings, declaring your vows, exchanging your rings, that important first kiss (!) and signing your certificate [Note the certificate is commemorative only and has no legal basis in English law]