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Death – a taboo word? April 14, 2014

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There are countless euphemisms to acknowledge that someone has died .  Pushing up the daisies, popped his clogs, six feet under, gone to meet his maker…..Anything to avoid using the actual, factual terminology.  The famous Blue Parrot sketch in Monty Python’s Flying Circus mocked the way we skirt around talking about death. Death, Dying, Dead.    […]

You Only Live Once? April 10, 2014

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Wrong!  You only DIE once!!  #YODO as the Dying Matters Awareness folk call it – and this is the theme for their Awareness Week in May this year. Peaches Geldof has been on my mind a lot… I doubt somehow that she had made her final wishes known. We assume that making our arrangements is […]

A Good Funeral March 31, 2014

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What exactly is a ‘good’ funeral? Is it one that upholds tradition; is very sombre; family and friends in deep mourning. Perhaps a horse-drawn hearse, an oak coffin and hymns such as The Old Rugged Cross and Guide me O though Great Jehovah’..?    Lots of floral tributes, and a wake afterwards at the family home? Or […]

Mothering Sunday – but not for some March 10, 2014

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  Mothering Sunday is fast approaching – and this is a particularly difficult time for those who have lost their mother – no matter how old we are, nor how long ago the loss.    If you are a supplier, please be sensitive, especially in your marketing, and especially around this time.   A friend today received an email […]

Let’s talk about death in the Street… January 20, 2014

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Every now and again, a soap opera will come up with a storyline that takes your breath away.  Like millions of people, the Coronation Street Roy and Hayley story has been gripping as Hayley ( a transgender male to female character) faces her end of life diagnosis with pancreatic cancer, and argues with her husband Roy […]

Autumn – a time of beauty in loss and renewal November 13, 2013

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Autumn….   So full of metaphor, which gives me inspiration when I am writing funeral ceremonies.   I know the fog of grief that descends can make it can seem as though – just like when we lose a loved one – everything is shutting down: the long hours of darkness, leaves falling, birds migrating, blossom all but disappeared, there […]

Funeral Celebrant – my promise to you November 11, 2013

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The Cherish Pledge   As a trained and responsible Funeral Celebrant, I promise that:   I will make contact with the deceased’s next of kin as soon as possible and practicable I will visit the next of kin at their home (or other location) to discuss the funeral ceremony I will make no distinction on […]

Speech Writing Service October 28, 2013

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Unaccustomed as I am…. Need to make a Wedding Speech?  Maybe you are the father of the bride?  The Best Man?  Or even the groom?  Or maybe a proud son or daughter making a speech at your parents’ vow renewal ceremony?  Maybe you’re a manager with a prize giving ceremony at work or school, or […]

‘What is a Celebrant?’ asks the BBC October 8, 2013

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Excitingly, I was invited onto BBC radio this week, to talk about my gorgeous job as a Celebrant.  You can find the start at 45 minutes in, and it ends just a little after the Rod Stewart song “You’re in my Heart”  is played for me.   I hope you enjoy it!    

National Poetry Day October 3, 2013

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I love National Poetry Day – I used it as an excuse to read through some of my favourite poems.  Here is one of them via an Audio Boo, called The Trees, by Philip Larkin.    I love trees too!  I think this poem  would be suitable for any occasion, as it has a sense of […]

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