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Giving the Thought for the Day on the Beeb! December 27, 2015

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I was recently asked by BBC Coventry and Warwickshire radio to give their Thought for the Day.  Three minutes or so, they said,  on any subject I wanted… The only guidance was that it should be conversational in tone, not sounding as if it was being read.   Thankfully, timing is one of my strengths as […]

No! I’m not a Planner! (or: How to be a Celebrant) June 13, 2014

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  The question I get asked most often is “What’s a Celebrant?”.  The second question is about how I got into celebrancy work.  Then people either say, “Oh it must be really sad and upsetting”, followed by “I’d love to do that”, or “I don’t know how you could do that, I’d be terrified”. Happily, I […]

Mothering Sunday – but not for some March 10, 2014

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  Mothering Sunday is fast approaching – and this is a particularly difficult time for those who have lost their mother – no matter how old we are, nor how long ago the loss.    If you are a supplier, please be sensitive, especially in your marketing, and especially around this time.   A friend today received an email […]

Wedding Venue – Loyd Lindsay Rooms November 14, 2013

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Wanting a different wedding venue?  I had the pleasure recently of visiting the Loyd Lindsay Rooms near Wantage in the pretty village of Ardington, Oxfordshire.  This unique venue is in a perfect location: rural, bucolic, yet only minutes from the A34 and the M4.  The cities of Oxford, Swindon and Newbury are all within easy […]

Christenings on the decrease October 23, 2013

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Despite all the interest in HRH Prince George’s christening today, generally, the number of church christenings is falling year on year.  In figures published by the BBC, one in 3 children was baptised in the Church of England in 1980 (when HRH Prince William was christened).  By 2011, the figure had fallen to just over […]

‘What is a Celebrant?’ asks the BBC October 8, 2013

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Excitingly, I was invited onto BBC radio this week, to talk about my gorgeous job as a Celebrant.  You can find the start at 45 minutes in, and it ends just a little after the Rod Stewart song “You’re in my Heart”  is played for me.   I hope you enjoy it!    

National Poetry Day October 3, 2013

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I love National Poetry Day – I used it as an excuse to read through some of my favourite poems.  Here is one of them via an Audio Boo, called The Trees, by Philip Larkin.    I love trees too!  I think this poem  would be suitable for any occasion, as it has a sense of […]

A Surprise Testimonial… September 20, 2013

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I do get some lovely testimonials from Cherish clients, for which I am very grateful, and which actually give me more lasting pleasure than the invoice payments…  although I do welcome the latter too! The unexpected compliments are wonderful.  Especially the one I saw today, which was posted on LinkedIn by another Celebrant in the industry.    […]

Make your Ceremony Unique September 6, 2013

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Have you considered incorporating beautiful symbolism to make your wedding or your vow renewal, baby naming or adoption ceremony unique and beautiful? This example shows a Unity Candle and a Handfasting triple cord that I provided for a recent wedding.  They were specially made in the colours selected by the bride.  Did you know that […]

What’s that Smell?! August 7, 2013

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  Smells! Aromas!  Perfumes!   What perfume did you wear on your wedding day?  Did you buy something new, or did you wear an old favourite? On my wedding day, 25 years ago, I wore Anais Anais, by Cacherel, which was one of my favourites at the time.  My girlfriends bought me a set with the bath foam, […]

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