Naming Ceremonies

Family and babyTraditionally, babies have always been baptised or christened according to the family religion. Godparents are selected who stand as moral guardians and ensure the child is brought up according to their faith.

These days, there are other choices. Where families don’t have any particular religious beliefs, or where they are from different religious backgrounds, they can choose a Celebrant to carry out a naming ceremony for their child.

This is a beautiful ceremony and one in which ‘responsible adults’ (godparents), parents and grandparent can all make their vows to the child. Guests are encourage too, to offer their own wishes for the baby or child.

A naming ceremony is a lovely way of welcoming an adopted child into the family circle, and it can also be a useful way of bonding a blended family of step-children on remarriage of one of their parents.

It’s not just for children – adults will often elect to have a naming ceremony too.
Your ceremony can be held anywhere – indoors or outdoors, and it is a unique service for your child or children; not for lots of other children… The service can be as traditional or as modern as you wish. Incorporate some religion or none at all. The choice is entirely yours.

Whatever you would like, discuss it with Cherish Ceremonies. We can design a service and readings for you, or you can write your own. We can incorporate a unity candle ceremony into the service, or a lovely pebble ceremony. Brothers and sisters can be part of it too. Ask for details.