Dying Matters Awareness Week

Posted on May 10, 2014 by Judy | Filed under: Death, Dying Matters, Eulogy, Funerals

This coming week, I will be officiating at 4 different funerals.  The last one of the week is for a gentleman in his 95th year – and so we could imagine it was a death ‘to be expected’.  But my first funeral this week is for a man in his prime.  A fit and healthy man whose death at age 51 was definitely not expected.

Most of us bowl merrily along, not planning for our death.   And yet, as Benjamin Franklin said, “There are only 2 certainties in life.  Death and Taxes”.     So given that we plan births (mostly!), and we plan marriages,  why on earth do we shy away from planning our end of life wishes?   As a Celebrant, I see all too often families trying to cope with their grief at the same time as trying to choose music for the funeral, trying to decide between the most fundamental choice of burial or cremation.  Trying to make choices.  What clothes?  Would they want flowers, or donations to charity?  Which charity?  Were they an organ donor?   Did they leave a will?  Where is it?  What does it say?

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Next week, 12th – 18th May is Dying Matters Awareness Week, with the theme of “You Only Die Once” or #YODO over on Twitter (Check out @DyingMatters).   Only 6% of us have any written plan for what we want to happen to us at end of life…..
Here are FIVE things we can do to ensure we live well, and that we die well:

1.  Write a will
2.  Record your funeral wishes
3.  Plan your future care and support
4.  Register as an Organ Donor
5  Tell your loved ones your wishes


That’s not hard, is it?  #YODO.   Go on, do it!  And tell your loved ones to do theirs too!  It may be the best thing you ever did!

Find out more at www.dyingmatters.org  Freephone 0800 021 44 66

Or contact me via this website or 07713 278699 or email judy(at)cherish-ceremonies.co.uk