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  Sooo  apparently William and Kates baby could arrive today   Any guesses folks  

1  Boy or Girl

2  What name do you think

My guess is a girl and she will be called Mary Elizabeth       The bookies favourite is a girl called Alice CherishCeremonies shared Hibiscus Floral Designs photo  I have just HAD to share this  have you ever seen such a magnificent rose in shape and colour  I have asked Claire the florist what the rose is called  will report back  

What flowers did you haveare you having   27 years ago I had roses freesias and stephanotis in shades of peach and ivory  and a teeny blue ribbon tucked away as my something blue    Three lovely thank you cards over the past couple of days   One from British Heart Foundation for a Cherish donation one from Emma and Ross for writing and delivering their wedding ceremony and a lovely thank you from the GD for her surprise gift of GHD hair straighteners     Oh and a mention in an obit acknowledgement in the Banbury Guardian    Thats about enough goodness for now   

But the feel good factor for me is immense and making others feel good too is so much more a motivator than money could ever be
CherishCeremonies added a new photo  Getting everything ready to go into the Celebrants bag for tomorrows wedding at the Welcombe Hotel in Stratford on Avon where I will be hearing the I dos from lovely Claire and Adam      

Do you know what a Calendar House is

The venue where I am the recommended celebrant  is interesting  It is a very grand  Calendar House and was built with  7 entrances for days of the week 12 chimneys months of the year  52 fireplaces for the weeks of the year and 365 windows the number of days of the year  Legend says it brings luck and prosperity to everyone who stays How nice is that for a wedding venue CherishCeremonies added 8 new photos  A few photos from todays ceremony  congratulations Mr and Mrs Bishop   Just packing the celebrant bag with one or two things needed for todays lovely wedding   

Ceremony script written and agreed with the bride and groom
Unity Candle set to brides design made for me by Jackie of Candles 2 Cherish   

Georgian silver candelabra from a choice of modern silver wooden or crystal 

Candle lighters and snuffer 

Ceremony Certificate and Swarovski sparkly pen 

Handfasting cords in the couples chosen colours with silver charms representing bride and grooms interests 

Ten specially printed folders containing vows and readings  

and of course tissues for tears   

There is so much more goes into a Cherish Ceremony than the half an hour on the day  you dont get that service from a registrar
  This is the setting for a beautiful midsummer wedding ceremony with some wonderful symbolism written in   The joy of using a celebrant means it can truly be your own CherishCeremonies shared Pinktash Designs photo  Oh look at this lovely Mary Poppins themed wedding   Many happy returns Maam
CherishCeremonies shared their photo  If you would like to win this gorgeous designer watch or one of the many other fab prizes on offer get along to the British Heart Foundation Quiz Night in Banbury on Thursday night 23 April at Fever NightClub and watch the teams battle it out for the honour of not coming last       There is the option to stay on and boogie afterwards CherishCeremonies added 2 new photos  Whilst I was in New York last week I visited Chinatown and went to a tiny restaurant that someone recommended to me  it was very basic formica tables  but great food and lots of it    The walls were covered in graffiti and business cards so of course I had to add mine  Can you see it  Second photo is closeup so easier to spot   So this huge parcel arrived It contains the Unity Candle Sets for Keri and Sam Claire and Adam and a Vow Renewal Family Set for Andy and Julie    

They are all utterly gorgeous  and many thanks as ever to talented supplier Jackie from Candles2Cherish 3

I cant wait to show them to you but they will have to wait until after the weddings
  Ive been hearing reports of suppliers letting brides down suppliers going out of business unexpectedly suppliers moving from the area    

 It is horrible when this happens  so here are my 5 top tips to minimise that heartache of losing money  or worse having to cancel your wedding


1  When booking a supplier for your big day remember cheapest isnt always best   There is a reason suppliers go out of business  usually because cash flow isnt enough to keep their business afloat  think about it  If something seems too good to be true it usually is

2  The drawback of the internet is that you have NO idea who is at the other end of the FacebookPinterestTwitterInstagram account
Look at their website and Linked In account   Check out their phone number address name etc   Do your due diligence      If they dont give these if you cant identify who they are then be wary

3  Ask questions   It isnt being rude any good supplier will happily answer anything you want to know   Ask how long they have been in business  Ask how many weddings they have done  Ask for names of previous clients you could talk to   Are they registered to do what they do   Are they insured and paying taxes   

4  MEET THE SUPPLIER  I am stunned by how many brides will order and pay for goods or services sight unseen   Go and see the supplier  at a wedding fair or at the venue if they dont have an office or shop    

5  Finally  take out your own wedding insurance     It is surprisingly reasonable  and peace of mind is priceless   Whilst it cant stop a supplier letting you down it can help you recoup any lost costs      I always say that it isnt a question of whether you can afford insurance it is a question of whether you can afford not to   As many of you will know the British Heart Foundation is my nominated main charity for 2015  I like to be an active supporter  

As well as donating a percentage of my ceremony fees I also shake a collecting tin on occasion and support their events with raffle prizes 

I was fortunate enough to be in New York this week so I popped in to Macys and bought this beautiful designer watch as a raffle prize for the Quiz Night on Thursday in Banbury   Surely worth generous buying of raffle tickets folks CherishCeremonies shared The Bond Companys photo  This is The Bond Company in Birmingham  I am sharing it because of the chair layout

You dont have to have doctors surgery layout  look at the way this space is utilised especially either side of the officiants table  and other chairs at an angle

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