Is a Registrar Necessary at my Ceremony?

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Yes and No.  Literally!

Yes for the legal registration of births, marriages and deaths.  No exception. Register OFfice

No  for everything else – all the ceremonial elements of  the naming ceremony, the wedding or blessing , the vow renewal and the funeral.

A little known fact: Although by law all life events must be entered into the country’s Registers, you do NOT have to use the Registrar’s services for the ceremonial elements of those events…


Here is the fuller explanation:

For example, you must register the birth but you can have a christening/naming ceremony/adoption ceremony wherever you want it.

At the end of life, you must register the death but you can have the funeral ceremony wherever you want it.

And you must register the marriage, but you can have the wedding ceremony (vows, rings, blessings etc) wherever you want it .

This opens up your choice of venue – as you have already obtained the birth, death or marriage certificate, there is no restriction on venue.  Be as creative as you like!  Your local theatre or cinema?  The cricket club?  A race track?   Your back garden?   You are limited only by your imagination!

Laura and Tim

Laura and Tim said ‘I do’ in a joyful Cherish Ceremony in their lovely walled garden

Festival style weddings in a local field, with yurts, bunting and food stalls  ….

A baby naming or vow renewal with Afternoon Tea in the Village Hall  …    a  Memorial Service at home or in the garden..

Where will your imagination take you?

Outdoor wedding

Dean and Helen’s wedding ceremony on their farm. Photograph courtesy of Flare Photography