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Fancy Dress Funeral! September 30, 2013

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As a celebrant, I think it is wonderful when people have planned their own funerals.  Far too many people don’t, and I meet many families who are trying their best, through their grief, to second guess what the deceased would have wanted. 42 year old biker Gary Pattison died 5 days after a road accident.  He […]

A Surprise Testimonial… September 20, 2013

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I do get some lovely testimonials from Cherish clients, for which I am very grateful, and which actually give me more lasting pleasure than the invoice payments…  although I do welcome the latter too! The unexpected compliments are wonderful.  Especially the one I saw today, which was posted on LinkedIn by another Celebrant in the industry.    […]

Introducing your Cherish Celebrant… September 7, 2013

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I’ve made a delightful little series of videos, introducing why I do what I do, and why I love Cherish Ceremonies… These little cameos were filmed and produced by Robert Severn Jones of I hope you enjoy the series – I’d love to know what you think!

Make your Ceremony Unique September 6, 2013

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Have you considered incorporating beautiful symbolism to make your wedding or your vow renewal, baby naming or adoption ceremony unique and beautiful? This example shows a Unity Candle and a Handfasting triple cord that I provided for a recent wedding.  They were specially made in the colours selected by the bride.  Did you know that […]

Married for £1! September 4, 2013

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In these days where the average cost of a wedding is an eyewatering £20,000, how refreshing to read of a couple, Georgina and Sid, who have married for just £1 – the cost of the bride’s dress on Freecycle! The only cost the thrifty couple couldn’t escape was the statutory £70 legal fee at the Registry […]

My Pledge as a Funeral Celebrant September 2, 2013

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I don’t make the claim ‘Your Ceremony, Your Way’ lightly.   As a supporter and member of the Natural Death Centre Charity, I undertake to abide by the following pledge: ‘As a celebrant who shares the values of the Natural Death Centre Charity, I see my role as supportive rather than directive, and I undertake to […]

Death of Irish Poet Seamus Heaney September 1, 2013

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I love words.  I adore poetry.  So it was sad that the pen of Seamus Heaney is stilled by his death this week, following a recent illness.  The tributes have poured in from across the world, and doubtless the eulogy at his funeral tomorrow will be eloquent, as befits the man. Today, I listened to […]